3 Yachts You Can Rent to Enjoy a Luxurious Vacation in Boracay Island 2024

Located in the Philippines, Boracay Island is a top destination for tourists seeking stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and endless relaxation. Beyond its pristine shores, Boracay offers a multitude of activities that cater to various preferences, including yachting. Renting a luxurious yacht is the perfect way to elevate your vacation experience and explore the island’s beauty while indulging in the epitome of opulence. In this article, we will introduce you to our three exceptional yachts available for rent in Boracay Island, ensuring an unforgettable and lavish vacation.

50ft Catamaran Yacht in Boracay For Rent

1. 50ft Catamaran Yacht

Maximum capacity: 40 guests

Cruise along the scenic waters of Boracay Island on our fully refitted 50-foot catamaran, a top choice for seafaring adventures. Ideal for couples or families, the yacht boasts cozy cabins and a small galley with en-suite facilities. Perfect for day cruises of up to 40 passengers, whether it’s a three-hour morning or sunset escapade or a full-day retreat. Enjoy sunbathing on the spacious bow, lounging in the cozy saloon, or relaxing on the captain’s deck. We only offer private tours to ensure that both the boat and crew are dedicated exclusively to you.

Dive from the built-in cliff, snorkel, or simply unwind, exploring the nearby islands and beaches of Boracay and Laurel Islands.

65ft Luxury Motor Yacht in Boracay For Rent

2. Our newest 64ft Motor Yacht

Maximum capacity: 25 guests

Meet our newest gem in Boracay—a sleek fly bridge Motor Yacht from Sunseeker, designed for maximum comfort with a capacity for up to 25 guests. This luxurious yacht features a commanding lounge, a spacious bow area, chill in the bean bags, a well-appointed room with a bathroom, an air-conditioned dining space, and a fully equipped galley. Whether you’re aiming for stylish diving, or an unforgettable private charter with family and friends to explore Boracay’s azure waters, this super yacht is your ticket to an extraordinary holiday in absolute luxury.

50ft Motor Yacht in Boracay For Rent

50ft Motor Yacht

Maximum capacity: 20 guests

Transformed into a boutique boat, this vessel seamlessly blends luxury and design amenities to offer comfort at a reasonable price. Embodying the concept of combining comfort, space, and simplicity, this yacht stands out. Recognizing the intensity of the tropical sun, the covered captain’s deck provides panoramic views, inviting guests to bask in the warmth or watch breathtaking sunsets from the comfortable sunbeds. With a well-appointed saloon area, a relaxing back lounge, and expansive upper deck and bow areas, this yacht promises a harmonious and stylish journey on the open waters.

These luxurious yachts for rent in Boracay are the perfect choice to create lasting memories during your holiday experience. You can choose from a blissful three-hour morning cruise, perfect for soaking up the sun, or indulge in the enchantment of a three-hour sunset cruise, capturing one of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ll ever witness. For those seeking a full day of adventure, consider renting the yacht for the entire day.

Each yacht comes fully equipped with life vests, snorkeling gear, complimentary water, and onboard music to set the perfect ambiance, providing a seamless blend of comfort and recreation.

Our carefully crafted itinerary begins with scenic sightseeing around nearby islands, offering opportunities to explore Crystal Cove, enjoy cliff jumping at Magic Island, relax on the famous Puka Beach or Bulabog Beach, and partake in snorkeling adventures at Coral Garden or Angol Beach. We wrap up the cruise with a serene sunset sail. Our attentive and friendly crew collaborates with guests to tailor the activities based on their preferences, taking into account the prevailing weather and wave conditions.

To enhance your experience, we also provide food and beverages for pre-order at an additional cost, and guests are welcome to bring their own.  For added excitement, optional activities like jetski, banana boat, UFO, and Bandwagon are available with extra charges.

This nautical adventure ensures a memorable and personalized experience for friends, families, or couples celebrating a special occasion.

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